“The Adventures of Design. It’s a philosophy of life… so unpredictable. So wild. "

these 24 years

 A true pioneer when it comes to innovative design, We are undaunted to create the unexpected.

With over 20 years of passionate experience and insight, equipped us comfortably to identify and accentuate the best feature for our works. Fuelled by our client’s unique tastes and personality.

We have won numerous awards and rave reviews, making us the most celebrated design powerhouse in the media industry.

Personable, definitive, with a touch of boldness, MUSEUM’s signature creative flair can be felt on every single project we work on.
Bespoke design with you in the heart of it all.

Call us, and let your journey of wonder with us begin.


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“There are no rules for good design, there are only beautiful homes.”

- alex kwan