22 Apr

Whatever your preffered style — modern, chic, clean or contemporary, traditional — there are plenty of ideas here.

Things to ponder for your dream kitchen

1) Consider the ceiling height , nice option to clad the with wood

2) Fumes Contro, is a hoodenought?Add build in exhast all around the area if budget allows

3) Free the island top with just a build in Hood, ensure to pipe out to exterior

a combination of both

3) Introduce glass walls for notes, reminder

4) Real marble and solid wood top are always the gem of aesthetic than quartz etc

5) Merge part of dining space to integrate dry kitchen if dining space is sufficient 

6) Consider the kitchen island to have a nice breakfast corner, imagine hubby working with his laptop looking atthe wife cooking

7) Consider stainless steel for industrial look

8) To have a magnetic chalkboard for accent look, cabinet doors or entrance

9)  Full cabinet region as a multi purpose work space, rice cooker or drinking station for dry kitchen

10) Use loose marble for back slash, its only 70cm ht

11) Use dark colors and wood combination for the expensive feel (our favorite)

12) Tiled up island / granite top  (on a budget)

13) Consider marble for dry kitchen top

14) Combine a bar top cum dining table for island design

15) Using a monotone palette 

16) Consider Using black, white and wood combination. Accompany by a accent color

17) Mosiac for the retro look

Mosiac, wood,  black and white combi

18) Install a giant clock!

19) Introduce a mobile storage station

20) Introduce a fixed glass opening! Hacked that wall!

21) Introduce plywood!

22) The evergreen white look

23) integrate kitchen in dining spaces for small area

24) Keep it simple!

25) The new dining space with an island, recycle your old dining table

26) Show off your pieces!

27) Create a dish drying niche corner with self drainage

28) Integrate the whole living, living and dining space with the same floor tiles

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