12 Mar

How to use art to influence your interior design

Too often as an interior designer, for 20 over years we see wall art treatment as an afterthought. The artwork is often a last approach when styling a new space.  

It is key to consider the artwork you are hanging, as some pieces deserve to be alone. Others, such as drawings, photos and small-scale prints, work best in groups, clustered by a staircase, above a sofa or simply strung along a wall.  

What happens when artwork takes center stage in a home?  

Color matching often proves to be the most straightforward way to incorporate artwork into the home. This space benefits from neutral basics, with the colorful accents easy to change out in case the artwork changes. 

Adding art to your interior can be an excellent way to elevate the feel of a room. Depending on which piece you display, you can change the character of a space and create an aesthetic that is uniquely yours. 

Below are reasons why we create Art Within Reach, To fullfilled the lack of art supplies for your own interior spaces. We love to express them with visuals

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